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Ebone Marlowe

Posted on February 15 2018

This passion of mine has taken me on a very exciting journey so far. I've had the pleasure of providing pieces for T.V. hosts, I've networked with budding actresses, and I've had the opportunity of meeting several people along the way. One of the biggest compliments I get is, "You have an amazing eye for trends" and/or "Your collection is the best I've seen" and I'm so grateful! Yes, people often wonder where my inspiration comes from....and although I love tapping into my 'inner diva' to find pieces that compliment my own style, I must admit that one of my main sources is Instagram, home to many dope fashionistas, fashion bloggers, and wardrobe stylists. There are honestly tons to choose from, and this platform has helped me curate a lot of ideas and tricks when it comes to choosing the pieces I want to sell and how I want to style them. While I have many that I love, there are 3 that I've found myself eyeing more of recently:

1. @_ZamarLewis_ - (photo courtesy of Instagram)

This chick is flat out dope. She hails from NY and her fierce top buns and weaves, colorful prints and patterns, and memorable backdrops make her stand all the way out. Her IG theme is crazy and I love stumbling on her page every couple of days to see what she's come up with next. 

2. @kingcartier88 - (photo courtesy of Instagram)

This page is on some straight grown up 'ish... King Cartier's styles consists of furs and leather, crazy Gucci, midriffs, and ripped denim, and every now and then he throws in a 'His and Hers' look. Something about a guy who can dress a woman😍. Definitely poppin'!

3. @stylebydnicole - (photo courtesy of Instagram)


This chica's styles are always on point, and I love how she showcases different followers who put a spin on her styles for their own personal slay. Her staple seems to be a nice panama hat (I'm a sucker for these), fierce ripped jeans, and a monster heel. Can you say, "ooohhh, kill em!"

These ladies, among many others, help me decide on what styles and trends to include in my store, along with many other factors. It's always something new and makes being a girl with a passion for fashion that much more fun!

Your turn beauties! Who's YOUR favorite fashionista online? Comment below or tag us on IG at #UzuriLife and let us know!


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