One Step Further Out the Comfort Zone!

Ebone Marlowe

Posted on November 01 2017

 Hola Beauties!



Happy Belated Halloween! What did you decide to dress as? I must say I saw some pretty creative costumes yesterday! We all know that one of the MAJOR elements associated with this holiday is fear, so I figured I'd touch on it a bit. No, not the fear of ghosts, goons, and goblins, but the fear of being the best version of yourself you can be. I'll admit, sometimes fear can grab me by the ....nevermind. But it can definitely take charge over my life! And deep down I know, that in order for me to truly be successful I have to do things I've never done.

So earlier this week I took a took a huge step out of my comfort box, threw my big girl panties on and uploaded my first video to Instagram and Youtube. That's nothing , you're thinking, I know...but for me, it was. I always found myself too critical of things like my deep voice, my at-home makeup attempt that may not be as great as I think, or a hair that may be out of place, you know, silly stuff like that! I also find sometimes that my greatest results come when I JUST. DO. IT. Like Nike... so I stopped criticizing the video and uploaded. And to my surprise, the response I got for a 'first video' was overwhelming. Other beauties told me how adorable and beautiful they thought I was, gave props for FINALLY showing the girl behind the brand, among many other positive comments. And then I thought to myself, that it really wasn't as bad as I thought.

That one thing that cripples your self-confidence and makes you nervous may be the one thing to take you out of that comfort zone, and put you one step closer to planting that white flag on the hill of abundance, accomplishments, and the life you TRULY deserves...after all, that's what the #UzuriLife is all about , right? It only takes one second to JUST. DO. IT.


Here's a look at my 60 second video on Youtube below (click link). And make sure you subscribe to our Channel!

"Welcome to Uzuri Boutique. Thanks for your support!"




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