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Posted on January 21 2020

Because who doesn't wanna slay in the new year? Every single person wants to walk in a room and become the center of attention. So dolls, I've put together 5 of the most common tips / secrets of a TRUE woman who slays effortlessly:


1. Draw inspiration from other women. 

-How many times have you looked at another woman's outfit and thought,

"Wow, I love her combination!" , or "That's very unique" ? That's the power of being inspired! We all wanna be seen as an original but it's also very fun to look at another woman's slay, and brainstorm to see what you come up with in your own closet : ) Also, don't sleep on Pinterest, there are tons of fashion ideas you can find, put together and create your own vision board, like the one I've created here

2. Plan your slay!

Once you've 'vision boarded' yourself to death, you wanna plan and schedule your slay. Do you think the hottest fashionistas that we follow just go to the closet and whip up their outfits in 5 minutes or less? HECK NO! It takes a lot of preparation to look your best, just like meal prep or planning your salon visit, your threads need to be planned as well. There are great tools such as wardrobe planning apps, like the 'YOUR CLOSET-SMART FASHION' phone app, one of my personal faves. 

3. Accessorize (duh!)

A TRUE fashionista knows that any outfit can be brought to life with the right accessories. Low neck and a top bun? Just throw on a pair of fierce drops like the 'TITI' Geo Chandeliers....or wanna put a new modern spin mixed with a little retro? Spice up your outfit with a fanny back such as the 'DIAMOND GIRL' Fanny pack or throw on the 'GENIE GLO' Turban for added flair. The possibilities are endless....

4. Know how to mix it up. 

You normally wear your favorite sequin top with that same peplum skirt.....why not switch it up and pair it with that good pair of ripped boyfriend jeans in the back of the closet, or throw on your hottest blazer? Sexy and sporty, business and casual, you name it....there are NO rules in the fashion world, doll, NONE. You do what the HELL you wanna do : )

5. Wear with confidence / no apologies. 

Last but certainly not least, BE YOU! Don't apologize, don't explain, just do the damn thing, sis! The most fearless are those that keep going in the midst of fear! Style is expression, a form of art. Express yourself.

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  • Neisha williamsin: January 21, 2020

    Nice post

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