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Posted on January 31 2021

Style is constantly changing. Over the recent years, we've seen several 'everyday' pieces hit the runway, spiced up with a little touch of glam to 'wow' consumers such as 'Mom' Jeans (who woulda thought?), Biker shorts, and your basic Track Set. These pieces can go from "WFH" to "Top Model" at the blink of an eye. One of the hottest trends set to turn heads in 2021 is the basic but not-so-basic hoodie dress. We promise you're gonna see a lot more hoodie dresses this season! You can literally style your hoodie dress in multiple ways and set the tone from Baddie, to Boujee, to Basic in a matter of minutes, and over here at Uzuri we love fast fashion! 

Below, we've taken the New 'HOODLUV' Corset Hoodie Dress and styled it in 3 ways - Dolls, let us know in the comments which look is your fave!


1. With your fave sneaker and oversized jacket.

Sometimes you want glam and comfort at the same time. Whether making a quick store run or meeting your girls for brunch, pairing your dress with a nice sneaker can give 'cute but fierce' vibes. Here we paired the dress with our 'COZY' socks and an oversized fatigued army jacket. 


2. Blazers and Booties.

Who says blazers have to be reserved for the boring AF Monday meetings that could've been an email (insert Bernie meme)? Here we paired the dress with a puffy shoulder blazer, the sold out 'QUAD' Mesh Socks and a lace-up Bootie. "Boss Babe" on a whole 'nutha level. 


3. Knee Boots. 

Knee or Thigh boots can set off any look. Here, we paired the HOODLUV Hoodie Dress with a black knee boot for contrast. 

So as you can see, the versatility of the hoodie dress is endless. Which was your fave? What style do you like that wasn't added? Let us know in the comments!

If you missed it above, tap here to shop the new 'HOODLUV' Corset Hoodie Dress...

Keep Slayin', Dolls!   

xoxo 💋

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  • Tasia: January 31, 2021

    I love all three but #2 Boss Look is my fav. Paired The blazer & hoodie combo gives Yassss!!!

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