The XMAS Shopping Frenzy

Ebone Marlowe

Posted on December 10 2018


We all love this season, right? Lots of giving, time with friends and family, and SHOPPING! 

Yes, more excuses to shop for yourself. oops!

But for real though, have you started you Xmas shopping? Or are you one of those people who wait til the last minute until you even look at a shopping mall? If you're anything like me, it's either/or, honey. One year I could be done my shopping in June, and another year i could be rushing down the highway on xmas eve 4 hours before the malls close to buy my first gift. Yeah, that's been me before. I need to work on it, I know. 

So what's your shopping habit like? I wanna know! And as always, Uzuri can definitely help take the hassle out of finding gifts for the fierce fashionistas in your fam! Check out our dazzling Holi'slay Gift Sets, sure to get anyone's attention. And as always, have fun and be safe!

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