Ebone Marlowe

Posted on January 17 2019

Hey luvs, 

So as I'm typing this, Im low-key gushing over the attention that my new clothing collection has gotten in the past week since its launch (if you haven't seen it yet, shame on you! Click here). There is nothing more fulfilling than satisfying the needs of your customers and having fun at the same time!  However, I must admit, in the beginning I was beyond nervous - What if they hate what I present? What if I don't understand how the world of 'selling clothing' works? Sure, I was selling jewelry, but what if this new venture just doesn't work? What if, what if, what if??? I was pulling my hair out! 

But even through all of the madness, I am thankful that I decided to still take the 'plunge' and give it a try. I feel like it's only up from here! The 'I can't give up' mindset is what has kept me going so far. I have people watching. I have sh*t to MYSELF first. It's so easy to do what everyone else is doing, which is not go after what you want and drown in your sorrow , but it's so much more rewarding to go after your dream! So my question is this - WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? 

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